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Monday through Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 3 PM

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General Dentistry
• Restorative Dentistry
• Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics
• Implants and Crowns
• Limited Endodontic Treatment
• Oral Rehabilitation   
• Tooth Whitening  
• Oral Prophylaxis
Pediatric Dentistry   
• Restorative dental services to the Pediatric population (Ages 1–12 years)
• Limited Endodontic Treatment
• Interceptive Orthodontics
• Behavior Management
• Treatment with Oral Sedation
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


The Department of Dentistry continues to focus its efforts in addressing the integral interrelationship between systemic health and oral health. The Department is striving to expand services in response to the growing dental needs of the Bronx community, with a continuing emphasis on access to care and workforce diversity. As a result, the Department’s efforts in promoting a collaborative approach to improving the overall health of its patient population are ongoing and succeeding. In 2019, more than 95,000 visits were provided at six convenient locations across the Bronx. 

In continued support of the dental faculty and residents, the Department secured a faculty repayment grant for four Attending Dental providers. Additionally, a Ryan White Grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is supporting and improving access for HIV patients seeking Oral Health Care.

The Dental Department’s main clinical campus site, BronxCare at 1775 Grand Concourse (located one block north of the hospital’s Concourse Division), has a total of 45 dental treatment rooms. It includes adult, pediatric, orthodontic, and oral surgery services, with modern registration and waiting areas. The facility features 17 adult treatment rooms; an Oral and Maxillofacial suite that includes seven fully equipped surgery rooms, with an expanded recovery area and dedicated nurses’ station; 12 orthodontic treatment areas; and 10 pediatric suites equipped with state-of-the-art chairs that have a child-friendly design.

In addition to the main 1775 Grand Concourse location, the BronxCare Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Center encompasses five additional locations at its 1265 Franklin Avenue Practices, Third Avenue Medical and Dental, Medical and Dental at Poe, Ogden Family Medical and Dental, and BronxCare Special Care Center. The practices are part of a continuing effort to reach patients who have not visited the dentist during the previous year.

Dr. Selene Wun, Director, Pediatric Dental Residency Program, caring for patient in Pediatric Suite at the main Dental Practice.
Dr. Selene Wun, Director, Pediatric Dental Residency Program, caring for patient in Pediatric Suite at the main Dental Practice.

BronxCare’s General Practice, Pediatric Dental, and Orthodontic residencies are nationally recognized for their outstanding dedication to serving the underserved population and underrepresented minorities. Dental residents are also receiving training taking on leadership roles in bringing oral health care to these populations.

Delivery of dental care at our sites has evolved from patients coming in on a semi-annual basis for a cleaning and check-up to being recognized as a comprehensive health care delivery system taking on a pivotal role in maintaining overall health and wellness of, not only residents in this area, but also neighboring communities.