Photo of Llllian Negron

Lillian Negron

Practice Administrator, BronxCare Medical and Dental at Poe

During the course of her long commute from Staten Island to the Bronx, by ferry and subway in the early morning and then back at night, Lillian Negron has the opportunity to plan for the present and future, as well as reflect on the past. As Practice Administrator for the BronxCare Medical and Dental Practice at Poe, Ms. Negron is putting her plans and ideas into positive actions for its patients, community, and staff. “Every day presents a challenge for us, which is why our medical and support team must continuously address the often serious needs of patients and provide follow-up care, when necessary,” stated Ms. Negron.

The Medical and Dental Practice at Poe offers a wide range of medical, dental, and pediatric services, in addition to specialty programs in dermatology, ophthalmology, diabetes management, and autism, among other areas. Ms. Negron works closely with Dr. Yvonne Cruz, Medical Director, in coordinating the response to the more than 180 patients that come into the Poe Practice on a daily basis. She is also directly involved in scheduling patient appointments and expediting the registration process, as well as equipment acquisitions and inventory control, among other managerial responsibilities. 

Prior to joining BronxCare in 2011, Ms. Negron held positions of increasing responsibility in the management and billing areas at the Raymond Naftali Center for Rehabilitation, in addition to serving as its Operations Manager. “My work experiences provided me with a strong foundation and framework in the health care administrative area,” stated Ms. Negron. She is applying this experience to BronxCare’s benefit. Ms. Negron considers herself to be a family-oriented individual. She enjoys spending time with her daughter, Natalia, a freshman majoring in communications at Pace University, as well as visiting her father, a former Bronx resident, who now lives in Puerto Rico, and mother, who lives in Brooklyn. Attending theater and dance performances with her daughter are also among Ms. Negron’s other areas of interest. 

As she looks to the future, Ms. Negron is confident that her dedicated work efforts will contribute to BronxCare’s success. “Although my commute is certainly a difficult one, particularly during the bad weather months, the rewards of my work at BronxCare are well worth any personal sacrifice,” stated Ms. Negron.