Photo of Dr. Cruz and patient

Dr. Yvonne Cruz Receives Prestigious Recognition

In May 2016, Dr. Yvonne Cruz, Medical Director, BronxCare Medical and Dental Practice at Poe, was officially inducted into the prestigious Leo M. Davidoff Society. Membership in this Society is based on “distinguished caring and committed teaching of medical students at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.” Dr. Cruz plans on continuing her strong commitment to medical education through BronxCare’s new affiliation with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. “I always tell my students that medicine is much more than a science. It’s about compassion, caring, and understanding the physical and emotional needs of our patients,” stated Dr. Cruz.

In terms of her background, Dr. Cruz always knew she wanted to become a physician and practice medicine in the Bronx. She was raised in the Bronx, attended the local schools, and is proud to still live there. After receiving her B.S. Degree from Long Island University’s Physician Assistant Program, Dr. Cruz worked for the next four years as a Physician Assistant in Manhattan. This also led to Dr. Cruz attending medical school in Tampico, Mexico, and completing her training, through the Fifth Pathway Program, at New York Medical College. She then returned to the Bronx as a Medical Resident at Bronx-Lebanon, prior to joining the hospital as a full-time physician in 1996. It was in 2002 when Dr. Cruz was appointed Medical Director at the BronxCare Medical and Dental Practice at Poe.

Today, Dr. Cruz is fulfilling her goal of caring for those most in need, including the large and increasing immigrant population in the Bronx. “They need our help, and we as physicians must do everything possible to eliminate barriers to quality and compassionate health care,” stated Dr. Cruz.

Many of Dr. Cruz patients have remained with her throughout the years. These patients have also referred their family and friends to her. “My patients depend on me, and I am honored to care for them,” stated Dr. Cruz. Her son, Jamil, is also following in Dr. Cruz’s footsteps. He is a third year medical student at Hofstra University, who also intends to practice medicine in the Bronx.